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Anima Mundi warriors:
Astral gold rush

Planned to using tools:
Software development: Unity3d, Node.js, Amazon DynamoDB.
3d Animations toolset: as possible, based motion capture with Kinect.

Table of contents

Story line frame for set of novels

  • Nearest Future (read)
  • Antique magi and early religions (read)
  • Accelerating of Anima Mundi evaluating. Enforcing of gods and demons (read)
  • History of Saint Constantinian Congregation for Ethnography and Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George.(read)
  • Establishing of Saint Constantinian Congregation (read)
  • East-West Schism and transformation of
    St. Constantinian Congregation for Ethnography. (read)
  • Fall of Constantinople Centre (read)
  • Fighting against deities and demons during expansion of Great Mongols Empire (read)
  • Spreading of Satanism in Medieval Ages. Rome Inquisition and Order of St. George: The Emergency Surgery. (read)
  • Early modern period and our days:
    Establishing of Anima Mundi Priests Community. (read)


   This preambled (and partially idea of this project) is inspired by some discussions in international groups and forums like "Creative Designers and Writers" ( LinkedIn). May be this preamble gives partial answer to some popular questions.

   Many of us like the fiction books and history. I suppose that mix of real history, myths and tales of different nations could be the great Pierian spring for writers and artists. Even usual history fiction without mystic could be interesting: Alexandre Duma, Walter Scott, Umberto Eco and many others approved it. Adding magians and witches, demons and deities, folklore creatures as personages could make the stories even more interesting.
   It will be great if this project will be really international, because folklore and real history of all nations contains very interesting characters, story lines and creatures. Tolkien's interpretations of elves, orkes and dwarves, of course, are still very popular, but I suppose that world folklore as source is much more rich then world of Tolkien. Note, Tolkien himself claimed as one of the sources for his fantasy the Finnish Kalevala (wiki). Most of people except Finns and their nearest neighborhood knows nothing about this fine set of stories.
   Moreover, the world real history itself much more rich and complex then it could be imagined. Holy Roman Empire wiki (since 1512 known as "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation"), its rise and fall and its role for Western Europe. Byzantine Empire (wiki) and its impact to Western civilization, East Europe and Russian civilization. Superpowerful giant Mongol Empire (wiki) and its invasion to Central Europe in 1241 (wiki). Which country was called in Avestian (wiki) language Airyanam dahyunam - "Aryan country" (wiki), what is Shahnameh (wiki) and which qualification could be best applied to Arthur de Gobineau (wiki) and Houston Stewart Chamberlain (wiki)
   And of course, many other multinational civilizations like India or China have so rich history and myths... It will be very interesting to read the fantasy novels written by Indian writer in English and based on Indian mythology.
   I suppose that for international project learning of history of own country, learning the tales and myths of own country and then writing the novels for international community could be at least very interesting and creative hobby an good practice in written English, isn't it?

    And it could be very interesting reading: it is impossible to understand any nation without feeling its Volksgeist (wiki). Feeling the Volksgeist is impossible without learning, analysis and understanding the history, tales, myths and religions of this nation. Without learning the world history and myths and thinking by own brains the people doomed to follow stereotypes and myths, created during centuries by different business or politics groups or even small groups of foreigners in own interests. The price of such following is the great lives and money losses. It is better to broke both rose and dark glasses, see the world as is and think by own brains exclusively.

    Unfortunatelly, the common problem in world is that even own country real history sometimes less known then the stories told in most popular films.

   And about writing novels as business: as I understand, short novels could be hard to sale as the traditional books... But what about collaboration with artists, developers, masters of sound to develop the novel illustrated with interactive 3d models?

   Technologies allows to create games like interactive mix of text stories, film and puzzle since first PC or even earlier. Many such games were already created and now such products can be created much more cheaper but admirable then before. But what about ratio of interesting novels in these games and other components? This time it is possible to extend or replace at least the texts in games even right during the play. See short technology explanation for details.

    And very important moment: really actual technologies returned us to times when the small groups of people could create in "own garage" something that brings enough good money.


    Social multiplayer game, mix of puzzle and quest with involving of players to extending story line. For single player variant close to games like Gabriel Knight
    It is supposed the multiplayer game with story lines frame based on looking for pseudo-hermeticistic texts partially written with special "magic" language and signs during travels in strange places in Astral , their decryption and attempt to create stone of the philosophers with magic and alchemic transmutations.
    As magic language it was planned to use the Lojban. It is very easy and almost nobody knows it, but all necessary info for translations could be easy found in Internet. It also could be easy parsed by programs as this language was initially designed so.

  -   Walk in Astral worlds to collect magic items, alchemic components, energy, spells written in language of magi (real language, not abracadabra - Lojban), and coupons for novels with interactive illustrations: In Astral worlds are living the NPC (basically different deities) who can give coupons for interesting stories (novels of some writer) as rewards for quests or in exchange to something. Rewards are depends from "reputation" of player. Also you can buy these stories in the shop directly from teams who created them.
You can exchange items with other player or buy them for energy from other player only. No in-game shops for items, except the shop for novels.
  -   Create alchemic potions or magic items following the instructions written in Lojban; other player or Lojban community can help you.
  -   Got hints and instructions in fast mini-games, basically oriented to attention: which item should not present at picture as anachronism, which items appeared in room while you was out of there etc.
  -   Also hints could be got from NPC: they basically give some logical puzzles. It can be something like the task from IQ test or it can be some short novel, in which somebody tries to logically approve something. You should analyze them and detect is it correct approving or something like "this mouse is white. It is true. Mouse is animal. So animal could be white. Hence the crowns could be white too."
  -   It can be also short historical story, which contains some common for mass-media "culture" but wrong conviction. Analyze the novel with additional historical info from Internet or own logic to detect anachronism or lie.
  -   Fighting system: turns-based casting spells and activating artifacts.
Fighting against demons: player can use anything which he take in battle. Demons could be captured to became sources of energy, player can lost all his energy and those artifacts which he take in battle. Victories over demons raises reputation.
Duels against other players: absolutely equal duel sets of spells and equal energy. Prizes are negotiated by players, it can be magic items or some quantity of energy. On disagreement it is the same quantity of energy as need for duel. Player can reject the call for duel, but it decreases reputation. In other cases duels between players does not affect reputation.

Some requirements to content

Let's suppose that idea MUST follow the some requirements to content:
  •     Concentrated to auditory who like books reading and good art and also likes the games which requires the good abilities to collect and analyze information.
  •     Be free from situation when you can't use some characters just because somebody can judge you.
  •     Provide the common story frame to writers, artists, animators and software developers with maximal freedom of creativity. Note, interactive result of collaboration of writer and artist could be more interesting to customer then text only or art only. Everybody knows Dungeons and Dragons.
  •     It should be avoided well-known mistakes like "art-not-for-all" and "every intellectual should read it" marketing tricks: really such tricks are addressed to other auditory.

Desirable art style and additional requirements.

Several requirements to applications which are extremely desirable but makes development much more expensive:
  • Provide the way to customers to apply their own creativity. And again about Dungeons and Dragons: I am sure that one of the main part of its popularity is the ability to design own adventure for friends.
  • It should allow team play as well as play by singles.
  • It should not contain the elements which is hated by the described auditory.
      -   It should not contain wasting the time for long monotonic mining the resources at all.
      -   It should not contain the aggressive money wiping elements of game.

   Unfortunatelly, this project was abandoned due to problems with funding even before art was created. But to understand which art looks great for the game like this just google something like images for astral sea or astral allods. Some of found images I have placed below as the sample.

Samples of Astral style images

Click on any image to enlarge it and use arrows "left" and "right" to look at other images
This art was found in internet on keyword "astral".
I can develop and place here the 3d application based on your art.

Some information from real history first:

    Anima Mundi (wiki page) or "soul of Mother Earth" is the thinking vital force of all living in our universe. She is mythical person, who relates to our world in much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body. Her personality is based on the individual personalities of all persons but separated like human personality separated to body instincts. The idea for the Western philosophy originated with Plato. Same idea is also present in many more ancient philosophy systems and religions, including Zoroastrianism (wiki page), ancient Indo-Iranian (basically Ancient Persian) religion and philosophy, which impact to ancient Greece, Rome, Christianity and Islam cultures and philosophy.
    This idea is related with Philosopher's Stone as some alchemists believed that Philosopher's Stone is concentrated magic and vital power so it can be used as elixir of life to rejuvenation and achieving immortality.

    Tabula Smaragdina (wiki page) is the legendary text reputed in Medieval Period and even later to contain the secret of the prima materia and its alchemic transmutation. It was highly regarded by European alchemists as the foundation of their art and its Hermetic tradition . Although Hermes Trismegistus is the author named in the text, the first known appearance of the Emerald Tablet is in a book written in Arabic between the sixth and eighth centuries. The text was first translated into Latin in the twelfth century.

    Mutus Liber (wiki page) (from Latin: Silent Book) is alchemical text published in France in the later half of the 17th century. It is 15 pictures without comments which contains the encoded method of manufacturing the Philosopher's Stone .

Now let's compile from historical legends something which is appropriate
for set of traditional written stories as well as the theme for admirable imagination of 3d and 2d artists and excellent for 3d games, both multiplayer and single-player. Ideally something even more popular then multiverse of Dungeons&Dragons. If it is possible... But why not? D&D was invented once just by several people as compilation from already known components...


Nearest Future

    Somebody who named themselves "Anima Mundi priests" sent to many people in different countries the strange presents : nice casket which contained: chain, pendant with small green stone, seven graphite wands, ring with blue stone, flash card and two books: one is written in Lojban and other is dictionary of Lojban. In covering letter it was written, that chain, pendant and ring are gold and could be sold; stones are colored diamonds but they are magic stones. Blue is the key for fast access to Astral, green is accumulator and transformer of modified mana and the tool to simplify the usage of Philosopher's stone. Usage of both artifacts are bounded in time to 1 year; during this time you should learn the ways to go without them or create them yourself. Way to activate artifacts is described in book. Every graphite wand contain the illusion which demonstrate the Astral. To activate the illusion it is enough just break the wand. Flash card contain mush more documentation about training system then book. This training system allows enter to Astral without any key.
    And finally it was said in cover letter that it is possible to bring from Astral some strange things like different artifacts, including the Philosopher's stone which allows to make some magic tricks
    Of course, most of people decided that it is some strange marketing trick. But it is so easy - just break the wand. And everybody who did it immediately fallen into trance and saw something like excursion.
    Of course, such approval was enough. So curiosity immediately forced the people start training. And of course, the information from these flash cards was duplicated milliards times so enough fast many people was able enter to Astral themselves, without any artifacts. But not all people had enough tenacity and time for intensive self-training.
    And anyway it was started the unseen world crisis. Duplicate the banknote with magic is enough simple operation. It requires even less mana then simplest alchemic creation of diamond from carbon or sapphire from aluminium oxide. This is not serious problem itself as cash was out of usage almost immediately. Most problems for economic was related with changing the signs of status: quantity of money has no matter for magi. Only will, imagination, energy, knowledges and skills. So the role of money was fully desanctificated: it is just one of tools to create something. It became fashionably for other people too. No reasons to buy more expansive car if cheaper enough good or old is still useful, so car sales was decreased... Nobody wants gambling with shares at exchange so shares lost the role of gaming pieces and their price close to zero...
    Economic was down. Most valuable thing become mana, Philosopher's stones and artifacts. So economic was down, but nobody interesting it: more and more people prefer Astral to living in material world. Body for such magi is still great value as it related with ability to generate mana. So it should be healthy and defended... It seems that for Magi their bodies is the kind of Tamagotchi.
Strange miracles appears in the material world too, somewhere even the creatures from children tales began alive... So it was even appeared the term "paranormal pollution" and the teams of ghost busters became usual municipal service like fire services.

World is changed. Magic is returning. Welcome to Astral training centres, warriors!


    Really the original of Tabula Smaragdina text was written at the emerald tablet more than 12,000 years ago. It was written with really ancient language. This language was common language for communications between humans of different worlds, for writing down historical information and instructions to spells and magic artifacts... It was forgotten for a long time... But now it is known again since the end of XX century as the Lojban (wiki,official site). Of course, today the ancient alphabet is replaced with Latin to simplify the learning and using this language. Group of Anima Mundi priests who tried to spread the knowledge of this language declared that this language of human magic and interworlds communications is new artificial language which have been invented right now, at the end of XX century.
    This tablet is really the one of the keys to ancient defense system, placed in Astral part of our world. And activation of this system is the reason why the magic (except Astral) almost impossible in our world and why neither powerful gods nor daemons presents in material world and why nobody can arrive to our world...
    And this system is the reason of why Anima Mundi of our world is still has mind and personality but sleeping...
    Born of personality of world vital force is the very rare event. It is possible only on will of Unknown God of Gods, Uncreated Creator of All and is the sign of his attention, hope and trust. And this is great chance for infinite evolution for every person who are the part of such world. But it is also a great danger. Because the newborn personality of world vital force is the great plum and very valued resource for any enough powerful entity. The newborn personality still has no enough skills and understanding to use own great power to self-defence and can be enslaved by substituting own will. On succeed it means the ability to simple control all minds and powers of world by control single mind and without chance to change situation by somebody who are the part of this vital force. Such trick could be done only with newborn personality.
    So the birthing of Anima Mundi was the cause of invasion from other worlds. Lords-Defenders of our world had the choice:

  •   -   Kill most of mortals and less powerful deities. Then try to break with excruciation of souls the connections between the souls and Anima Mundi. This could prevent the awake of personality of world so the reasons to invasions disappeared. But it is declining the trust and hope of Uncreated Creator. It means that he will never more put his mind to this world and its Lords-Defenders.
  •   -   Fight against invaders and those who tries to enslave Anima Mundi until her mind fully awaken
  •   -   Unite the powers and close the world. In this case all deities and other immortals will either left the world or remained in the world and lost the access to external sources of power. Only the mana which generated by world itself is accessible in the closed world. It should be enough both to defend the world against anybody who penetrated into world and for evaluation of mortals.
    That time Lords-Defenders of our world chosen to close the world as the wars could be too destructive. The world was closed in time. It was supposed that all remained in our world deities wish to become the parts of Anima Mundi. So these deities ready to defend our world and evaluate it. As the tool to evaluate the Anima Mundi and world and stabilize the defensive systems, Lord-Defender Ashura Mazda added to world the Asha ( like Rta) system and connected it to humans as thinking members of Anima Mundi who were able to generate the mana just by living. It was supposed that deities themselves will follow the Asha by their own free will, teach all thinking and living members to feel Asha and follow it. So Anima Mundi will follow the Asha in her evaluation and evaluate deities as her parts.
    After closing the world some deities started the rivalry for influence on mortals to increase own power and importance for Anima Mundi. It could be foreseen as hierarchy games always were usual entertainment for most of thinking entities and it was even good as related with development of different groups of mortals, diversity of nature, investigations and art: different groups of deities had different interests. But Angra Mainyu infected the mind of Anima Mundi with druj to enslave her. Druj can be translated as Rot, Putridity.
    In the rivalry too important place was taken the desire to be recognized as the best then to create something best. It is against the Asha, but with time it should be changed. But as the result of it the rivalry very fast becomes maniacal to full immorality.
    It started the very short era, which had been remembered in myths of different nations as era of wars between gods and demons or global catastrophes like world flood or fire and ash rains. Moreover, after some battles the concentration of mana somewhere was enough high to be the reason of really nightmare effects and transformations. And some of these monsters could live outside of such areas of wild mana.
    Some deities who save the mind unchanged left the world immediately after the begin of war, some other left the world too as they were too weak for this war. Many deities were caught and fully impersonated by their enemies and then used as will-less sources of powers.
    Few gods saved the feeling of Asha and wish to follow it to the end. They were not the most powerful entities, and most of them were much more investigators and artists then warriors with battle experience. But during this frenzy war they tried to save at least enough part of mortals and world life to save Anima Mundi alive. And tried to understand what is the going on and cure at least those mortals who were near them.
    As the result of this frenzy war the Lords-Defenders became unable to defend our world against the invaders outside. To stop all this frenzy and following to trust and hope of Unknown God of Gods, Creator of All, the Lords-Defenders used all their powers to activate the last chance defensive system and became almost impersonated parts of it until waking up of Anima Mundi. Much more later this system was called Ashura Mazda Wall.
    This system isolated most of deities in Astral, isolated material world to other planes, consumed most of mana of our world, and continued to absorb any mana source, including generated by humans by living. Of course, it makes the life of humans very short. Absorbing the mana was deadly for any magic race which were needs in mana but unable to generate it themselves. Neither usual magus nor deities or demons in our world became unable to keep their mana. So even somebody sneaks into our world, he lost all mana himself and all his spells and artifacts became useless things. More mana is absorbed - more mana is used to enforce the Ashura Mazda Wall system. Enforcing of Ashura Mazda Wall makes mana pump more powerful.
Most of other deities left the world by their free will immediately after activating the Ashura Mazda Wall.
    Mana was sucked dry but wars between remained deities continued in isolated Astral.
    The group of gods who saved feeling of Asha were isolated in Astral too. The future teacher of Germes-Tot Trismegistus was the one of this group. This group was small but united; all others were enemies to each other. So time later most of others were either forced to left the world or caught and partially deprived the will. Angra Mainyu was not found by this group: it seems he was either left the world or caught and impersonated by somebody during war.
    During this part of war the mortals who were saved by gods, increased they quantity. They were trying to feel Aha themselves and teach to do it other mortals. Of course, knowledges were basically lost but even remembered were enough to at least partially return the mind to most of mad gods. War was finished.
    But Ashura Mazda Wall was initially designed to be finally controlled of Anima Mundi, who is not awaked yet and infected with druj ... So in practice the absorbing field of mana pump is enough rough. So for many places of battles concentration of mana after the war of goods is still high and enough high to be the reasons for magic mutations. Sometime the wrong work of this system is cause of appearance the areas of twisted mana with absolutely incredible concentration. The Ashura Mazda Wall is self-healing but the pain and dreams of Anima Mundi impacted it.

    The single exception is the ancient keys like original Tabula Smaragdina. Basically these artifacts are just the keys to several places in Astral and do not contain the mana at all. But these keys are also allows to isolate some space around them out of mana pump and concentrate Astral energies and vital power in the half-material form. This form is inacceptable to absorbing by mana pump and called Philosopher's Stone. This kind of energy is not the mana but still can be used to manipulate material world with using some simplest and weak mana-based spells locally anywhere.

Antique magi and early religions.


All the time since the war of gods the Anima Mundi slow healing herself, but evolution of Anima Mundi was almost stopped.
    Deities investigated the ways to accumulate the mana by it transforming and establish religions to collect the mana. So most of religions was concentrated on one or more usual tribe deities as something like the trade: they got the mana from praying to them and in exchange use the part of collected mana to patronage these tribes and help the prayers with their simple desires like health or richness or luck in wars. Of course, such religions contained some ethic systems. But rituals and ritual tabus like forbidding some kinds of foods was the main part of these religions; other parts were just fixing some advantageous for concrete tribe and its ruling groups rules. Usually such systems did not required from believers "to be good" to other tribes. Such systems close to "ethic" of mobsters: it is rightly and good when mobster robs or harm some "goof" but it is evil and iniquity when "goof" defended himself and harm the mobster or mobster cheats other members of his gang. Really such ethic systems are druj. Compare with ethics of Old Norse (including Vikings): they killed and robs others and ready to be killed; if somebody robbed them, it is reason to revenge but it is life, not the "evil". Read Edda( wiki) for details. "Evil" is cowardice only. It is barbarian ethic but it is much more closer to Asha as much more honest.
    So most of early religions almost did not helped neither to self-healing nor to evolution of Anima Mundi.
    Deities were blocked in Astral, almost all of them unable to generate mana themselves at all and almost has no power in material part of our world.
    Astral energies allow to do something in Astral, its proper usage even allow to look on material world but it is impossible to do something in material world without mana. It is even impossible to talk with mortals by own initiative without mana.
    But mana is necessary to deities not only for influence to material world but for using in Astral. Basically because using mana in Astral allows to achieve effects which are too hard or even impossible without mana. Of course, it is especially important for attack and defend.
    Time to time mortals can have the enough deep connection with deities to talk and allow to use their mana until the connection lost, but nothing serious can be done as mana should be used or transformed immediately. But deities were needs even in these small portions of mana as no other sources accessible. During this time most of rest deities who were eyewitness of closing our world left our world.
    Mana was almost absent in our world as any generated mana almost immediately absorbed; but the dreams of Anima Mundi impacts the Ashura Mazda Wall. So unconscious wills of Anima Mundi time-to-time change the world: wonders happens, different strange creatures appear; even areas with high concentration of mana sometimes exists much longer then several generations of mortals.
    At that time it was starting the appearing of new deities. All of them were initially mortals who were changed by Anima Mundi following their bight individualities and natures. Many of them preferred to forget it, but most wise like Tot-Hermes always remembered it despite to some arrogance and tried never stop self-learning. And they always respect the true wisdom of others, despite of is it wisdom of elder deities or mortal philosophers.
    High magic-based civilizations were destroyed by first war of gods almost without footprints; knowledges were replaced with tales. These tales was as far from reality as play of small child in assembling the rocket with paper is far from real spaceship.
    So few deities many traveled in Astral to investigate the world and find the teachers.
    Only that knowledge which is used often will not disappeared and could be eluviated. So the elder deities basically used the form of quest and investigations to teach.
    As even several millenniums later their students still were not degraded this type of learning seems the best.
    Of course, magic has the serious difference with technology: for simplest things it is enough just mana or astral energies, bright and precise imagination, powerful desire and relentless will. Rituals can help to retain such wills. Moreover: humans are the thinking members of Anima Mundi so can impact to reality with impacting to her dreams. So their enough mass belief to some rituals could make these rituals working.

    Time to time born the persons who has the ability to transform mana from astral energies in addition to extended generation of mana. Sometime born the persons who have deeper relation with Anima Mundi so can collect the mana of other people through their relations to Anima Mundi.

    Some persons can convert the vital powers of victims to mana at the moment of painful death. This causes the pain to Anima Mundi and enforces the druj. Many of deities and all demons prefer this way and demand the victims as much as it possible. In Christianity they were called Infernal forces.

Accelerating of Anima Mundi evaluating
Enforcing of gods and demons

    Self-Healing of Anima Mundi was very slow until appearance of religions which goals were not the serving the tribe deities and which contained the ethic systems much closer to Asha. Spreading of such ethic systems was the enough good cure to reduce the druj.
    Evaluation of Anima Mundi were almost stopped until spreading practices of self-development like ones in some branches of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, traditional Christianity and peaceful part of Islam. Some of such believers become new deities, but some of those mortals who would became deity just disappeared.
    First time since closing the world the quantity of deities noticeably increased. But they were isolated in Astral exactly as elder deities. Spreading of these religions were accompanied with strange effects: many deities notified that some wonderworks were definitely neither results of magic nor results of Anima Mundi dreams. These wonderworks just happened without any footprints of using any kinds of energies vibration. It was impossible but it happen.
    Some deities supposed that Uncreated Creator still put his mind to our world; some of them even tried to follow these religions like the mortals. Several of them was disappeared from Astral and then found re-borned as truly mortals, member of Anima Mundi. It became the final, undeniable evidence: the way with which the mortal became the deity is well known and it is the unilateral way due its nature defined by the will of Uncreated Creator. This wonder of re-borning much more accelerated evolution of Anima Mundi. In addition the quantity of humans significantly increased so increased the quantity of generated mana. Power of mana absorption processes was trailed behind the increasing of mana generation with noticeable lag. As the result the overall quantity of accessible mana became significantly larger.

Saint Constantinian Congregation for Ethnography.

    Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George ( wiki ) is the very interesting Roman Catholic order which is still exists. Its roots is in organization which was established by Saint Constantine The Great (wiki) around 332 AC in Constantinople, the capital of Byzantine Empire. But this organization initially was known with absolute different name.
One too nostalgic and arrogant chronicler in Toulouse told, '... These warriors were called in different barbarian countries "Warriors Of Scroll and Spear" and "Warriors of Saint Michael" several centuries later just because outside of Byzantine Empire almost nobody knew even "sermo vulgaris", not only "civilized language". And anyway the meaning of name of this organization was unbelievable not heroic for witnesses of terrible battles between these heavy armored Clibanarii (wiki) and Cataphracts (wiki) with support of Saints against the monsters and demons, who were called from hell by witches to protect them...".

    This chronicler was right about monsters and warriors but wrong about name: the spirit of Congregation was more exact shown by its symbol then by its name.
    The sign of Congregation was red scutum (wiki), lance, scroll and gold labarum (wiki) over them. Red sutum was just almost never recognized without special explanations as at banners it looks like background. In case of architecture form of sign it was the roof of porch which was supported by bronze lances and scrolls.
    And in every mission of Congregation had at least traditional Byzantine icon of Archangel Michael The Archistrategos (wiki). Standard Byzantine iconography shows him slaying Satan as a serpent or dragon.
    Some missions had the exact copy of Archangel Michael statue from Michaelion(wiki). The winged figure was very realistic. It looks admirable even to those who seen many samples of ancient Greece and Rome sculptures.

Establishing of Saint Constantinian Congregation.

    Before Constantine was baptized, he was the high grade initiated adept of Mitraism. This religion was Greco-Roman religion deep related to Zoroastrianism. So despite of Constantine himself was not neither priest of Mithras nor magus, he knew these religions and its practices enough deep. But he felt that something in this religions was insufficient to him... He started investigations of Christianity and much more later he deep believed in Christ. And closer to the end of his life he established the society of warriors who should develop themselves to be ready to fighting against serves of demons in the material world and against the demons after death.
    These warriors should develop their feeling of will of Uncreated Creator through the Jesus Christ and follow it. This way should also better clear them from druj, then traditional ways, and teach them to feel the Ashu deeper, then traditional ways. These warriors also should collect, learn and develop knowledges useful for their fighting against demons and they serves and acceptable for followers of Christ.
    For 700 years this organization was known as one of the many departments of Christian Church.
    It was not secret department. It was well-known as financially independent organization which was established by Saint Constantine The Great to collect and store for Empire and Christian Church information about other religions and countries. And this is very special and enough closed organization as some of this information is about magic and dangerous for not enough trained Christian souls. It is too hard to explain to everybody what is magic, which magic inacceptable and why, if usual water wheel is the "spell", because it uses the power of water flow to transform the grains to flour, and every sculptor "uses his will" when manipulating images in his imagination and then implement the result in stone sculpture. Much simpler just remove pagan books to closed part of library.
    Also everybody knew that this society have incredible skillful monks-knights in art of war and exorcism. They can destroy any monster and any witch, expel out to hell any devil and traveling in the world to do it. They can hear each other even the brothers are travelling at the different edges of world. Sometime wonders happened on their even silent prays. Sometime their brothers who already in paradise could help them in battles. Sometime saints can immediately close wounds of even almost torn to pieces knight right during fighting with some monster. But knights of Congregation hope don't afraid the death at all and hope that after death best of them will be candidates to the Heavenly Host. And they will fight against army of Satan in last battle and help to still living knights in their battles against monsters and witches. And knights of Congregation always defend righteousness. But they never take a part in wars.
    So authority of these knights was extremely high. And these all was absolutely true. The hopes of Saint Constantine The Great were fulfilled and even more. Some warriors of Congregation were able to enter in Astral and fighting there with deities with using not only Astral energies but also the part of mana generated by themselves and group of other knights. In fact many knights of Congregations were mortals who became deities but continue their living in material world in their own bodies. After death few of them became very unusual deities: they partially save their abilities to generate own mana. Fortunately to their enemies, their skills in Astral magic were very low; they almost never use spells. But their will and imagine was surprisingly powerful and it was enough for many situations in battles. Especially in situations were several knights are fighting in Astral and group of other knights stays in material world and translate them modified mana.
    Unfortunately for their enemies, such knights receive the help from those deities who save the ability to feel the Asha and desire to follow it despite of were they Christians or Muslims or even gods of mortals themselves. Moreover, several gods like Tor or Perun as the result of such collaboration were enough interested in Christianity to visit Constantinople in projections several times.
    But really it was not something strange at that time.
    It was very rich and contains monastery, training center for warriors, laboratories and storages, scriptorum and libraries. Manufactories of mechanical devices, medicine clinics. Some of these organizations works both for order and citizens: for instance, scriptorum were making copies of most values scripts and books not only for libraries but some for sale too; mechanical toys, arranged with gold and jewelry, were famous far away from Byzantine Empire and sometime used as presents to barbarian kings to admire them.
So the society was financial independent to Empire and Church. Moreover, time to time in was financing the things like Church charity or building of new temples.
    Also for Congregation were working the great number of agents who were traveled as negotiants everywhere to seek the manifestations of Inferno and other deities, different monsters, powerful witches and pagan priests who uses the mana of human victims so are candidates to became demons after death. Congregation was able to transmit messages instantly Also these agents tried to find interesting for Society scripts and items and buy or change or sometime even steal such things.

    Of course, these agents were also collecting many other information which was used then as additional source of information by intelligent services of both Christian Church and Empire.
And the trade of these agents were not only cover-up for collecting of information, they really were profitable.

    But really the main source of Society incomes was the alchemy, all other sources was just cover-up. Society was found the Tabula Smaragdina and invented different ways to use it. Society even invented the several ways to create the Philosophers' stone without Tabula Smaragdina and without other Philosophers' stone, just with direct manipulation of Astral energy, mana and vital energy. So it was able to create as much gold and silver as it was necessary to needs of Congregation.

East-West Schism and transformation of
St. Constantinian Congregation for Ethnography

    Some internal collisions between East part of Rome Empire and West part involved the Christian Church too and become collisions inside of Church. This order tried to ignore these collisions but finally the Christian Church was divided to Eastern Orthodox Church and Rome Catholic Church. This East-West Schism was happened around 1054. So collisions inside of Society of Ethnographic become real too.
    Part of this Congregation (basically warriors) required active influence to politics to make the world more inclined to inward evolution. Additional argument was that all old monsters are already destroyed and last time most of newborn monsters was destroyed by usual knights even before knights of Congregation received information about them.
    Other part was insisting to concentration on the way of inward evolution of humanity and try to be out of politic at all. Because it is impossible to take part in politic and avoid druj at the same time, and inward evolution itself makes the world more inclined to inward evolution.
    Most of members of first fraction were basically fighting against monsters and witches to the west and northwest from Constantinople as knights. So they were called "West way".
    Members of second fraction were basically related to informational support of missions like mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius (wiki) or Christianizing of Kievan Russia. (wiki). They were called "Northeast way". Sometime this group was called "North way" group as it shorter and due to their close historical relations with Varangian and investigations of Runic magics, deep understanding of which was extremely important to have a deal with such skilled in magic persons like agents of Oleg The Prophet and himself ( Wiki). Oleg The Prophet was the very skilled leader of group of scaldic wiki and runic magus, basically known as establisher of Kievan Rus'(wiki,maps in English at Chronos). He was twice able to capture Constantinople and stepped back only in exchange a great contributions, which included some books from closed parts of Congregation libraries.
    So in fact the areas of responsibility of these fractions was absolutely different even geographically: for the Northeast way fraction it was almost nothing to do at the west and northwest as Christian Church was enough old and well spread there and all was well known.
    For the West way fraction it was nothing to do in the northeast countries as they had own Christian defenders called Bogatyrs and powerful living in own bodies persons like Svyatogor who were recognized as demigods before adopting Christianity.
    Areas of main activities of these fractions were far from Byzantine Empire. So the idea to became much closer to these areas was very old but every time postponed. This moment it was taken decision to develop elder usual residences to centres, try to restore the legendary Exeter (wiki) investigation center and develop new centres in different parts of world. And sent own expeditions to Winland (wiki):following archive information from agents, who inquires Vikings from teams who visited Winland, it could be enough big to establish Christian mission.
    For West Way group it was chosen Rome as main center and most important cities of Roman Empire (wiki).
and Northeast Way group should be mostly stay in Constantinople but also it was decided to establish additional centre in Kiev. Establishing the additionally centre for this group was much more longer project as it needs in wide infrastructure like libraries, scriptorum, schools and many other.
    In was hard to reproduce even small part of infrastructure which was creating in one of the richest city of the world during the centuries. But it was present the important reason: necessity to have at least several centers in different countries to avoid full destruction in case of attacks to Constantinople or riots during takeovers.

    The most of citizens of Byzantine Empire were sure that it is superpower country and just increasing power and richness... But it had too much powerful enemies.

    But at that moment the process of such spreading was long and very slow as it was no the reasons to do something immediately and plans were many times adopted to fast changing world. Despite of it, hundred years later the spreading of Congregation was even more wide than it was planned initially.
    Also it was several expeditions to Winland. It was very big and at the south part is placed the countries which are under control of demons who require human victims. At this moment Congregation too small to clear this part of world. But the people who live near these countries hate these demons and could be teach to fight against demons. So Winland needs in at least the well defended fortress there and training center which could prepare the army of fighters against demon. Finally the expedition to Winland to establish this fortress was sent just in 1183.

Fall of Constantinople Centre

    Some wisdom mans of Congregation were sure that main reason of future falling of Empire is the increasing of druj in souls of high aristocracy and other classes. The fish decays starting from head. The head should be cured or cut off and replaced with healthy one. So order supported complot of future Andronikos I Komnenos and all his initiatives after turnover. He seriously enforced the Empire but it was too hard to make weeding enough thoroughly as many members of aristocrat families had the high levels in hierarchy of both Christian Churches
As the result, too late and unsuccessful attempt to kill the leader of complot of highest aristocracy did not stop overturn and death of good chance of Byzantine Empire to change the situation. So Adronikos I Komnenos was killed in 1185.
    As the result Society of Ethnography in Constantinople was almost destroyed right during overturn: too good warriors, too many gold... And with destroying of this center it was lost many knowledges. Also it was destroyed the tool which gave to Congregation the ability of instant delivery of messages.
    Of course, some people were retreat with most valuable books and items. Some of them were retrieved to Kiev, other retrieved to Rome. Tabula Rasa were moved to Rome as in this ancient and big city it was much ease to establish the necessary laboratories; most valuable cures and semi-manufactured components of Philosopher's stone was taken to Kiev.
    The ship of group which was travelling to Rome was drowned but most of warriors survived. Tabula Rosa was delivered to Rome.
    During the life of next generation the warriors of West way finished clearing of the territory of Hole Rome Empire and some other places. Since that moment they decided to be usual war order and stop teaching next generations to something more serious then usual war skills.
    West Way Department of investigations and rest of West Way knights were mostly affiliated as Third order secular congregation (wiki) to Dominican Order(Order of Preachers) ( wiki). Since this time west part of Congregation received its modern name.
    Many of them were killed in battles during invasion of Mongols into East and Central Europe (wiki). They captured several demons. It was found that at least part of deities who use Mongols are aliens in our world. They penetrated into our world and lost all their powers. But instead of departing outside they prefer to collect enough mana for attempt to unblock our world.

Fighting against deities and demons
during expansion of Great Mongols Empire

    The group which was traveling to Kiev arrived without losses and started their work and investigation. They found a great number of creatures of Anima Mundi who almost peacefully live near humans and interacted with them. Some of them like Grandfather Frost and Snow Girl are very friendly.
And even strange creatures of Anima Mundi nightmares like Raw-boned King The Deathless (wiki) prefer to concentrate on their own doings without noticeable harm. Few of them was captured and investigated. Most interesting person, Raw-boned King The Deathless was several times killed to investigate his immortality. He was run away, destroyed the laboratory and rebuilt too good defended fortification to be captured again. Almost nothing was found except his origin: initially he was the talented but impatient stripling who tried to extend his connection to Anima Mundi without extending his feeling of Ashu first, so Anima Mundi transformed him.
Then researchers concentrated on combinations of they own practices with practice of deep connection with Anima Mundi. During pre-Christian period some mortals used self-development ways related with development of feeling the Asha and very deep connection to Anima Mundi through Mother Earth or Her daughters like Mother Rodina. Demons and creatures of Anima Mundi nightmares were reasonable feared of them. Time to time these people punished for wrongdoings some neutral creatures of Anima Mundi dreams like leshy but newer destroying them. Most of them were travelling ascetics who were very rare used their powers.
    They were healing, giving advises (sometime very helpful but with reasons which became clear just after events in future), singing songs about gods and bogatirs and looking for those people who was able to become such ascetic or at least Bogatirs wiki, teach and train them.
    But the way of deep connection with Anima Mundi required extremely high trust to Anima Mundi. Because the essence of this way is that Anima Mundi modify such persons by own will Anima Mundi dreams following their souls.
    In fact, sometime the persons became living miracle as live Anima Mundi dream. Some persons can became Bogatirs like Mikula Selyaninovich (wiki) but few could be like Svyatogor (wiki).
    These investigations brings new level of understanding the world and skills both for investigators and pagan ascetics. As the result of collaboration some ascetics and most of Bogatirs adopted the Christ.
    So the development of Northeast Way group was extremely successful. In addition to Kiev center of Congregation, it was developed the investigation and teaching centres in different Duchies of Kievan Rus'. But all of these center was destroyed with these cities by Mongol invasion. Center in Kitezh (wiki) disappeared from world by the unknown to deities way. The population of Kitezh definitely are living. Kitezh stays connected to our world: people of Kitezh can leaving their city, can bring somebody to Kitezh and bring him back. Many deities tried to investigate this event without success. City can not be seen from Astral at all.
    All bogatirs, most of ascetics despite of their religions, most of Russian Orthodox Church(wiki) monk-knights like Alexander Peresvet wiki were died in battles against deities who led these invasions. But many invaded deities and modified by Anima Mundi creatures were fully destroyed by unknown way. They was not just impersonated or left our world. They were exactly disappeared, just left in the Astral the footprints of their terrible pain. So the invasion lost the support of deities at all at these territories. Bogatirs and many ascetics were destroyed, but somebody could stay alive or re-borned. And all creatures of Anima Mundi, include both usually creatures of dreams and creatures of nightmares like Baba Yaga (wiki) were tried to destroy any invaded deity or demon.
    But the heroism of defenders was not the main reason of this ignorance. Even all Kievan Rus' Duchies taking together (wiki), from White Sea at the North and to Black Sea at the South were very small, far and poor territories at the bounds of giant and super powered Mongol Empire (see wiki and maps at Chronos), the biggest and most powerful Empire of the world at that time.
Other reason was the problems of deities and demons who led the invasion of Mongols into Islamic countries. In 1258 Mongols captured the Baghdad (wiki). This event considered by mortals as one of the most catastrophic events in the history of Islam. But exactly during this event the invaders first time met with counteractions of Al-Khidr (wiki) Islamic ascetics and Islamic mystics like Sufis (wiki).
    Deities found that the mana absorption power extremely high increased and they fast loosing even their stock of modified mana. Demons found that they cannot refuel their powers despite of deaths of so many mortals. They could see the pains and deaths but could not feel them like nobody died at that moment.
    From point of view of mortals the invasion to Islam countries was successful. Mongol Empire was significate expanded with very rich territories. But invaded deities and demons under imperceptible attacks of invisible from Astral mortals lost their powers again and again.
    Many Islamic countries became parts of Mongol Empire, and Islam started spreading in this Empire. It seems, the quantity of Islamic ascetics and mystics were increased too so taking mana from mortals at these territories became harder and harder so invaded deities and demons prefer avoid these territories too.

Spreading of Satanism in Medieval Ages.
Rome Inquisition and Order of St. George:
The Emergency Surgery.

    Catholicism in the Medieval Ages had side effect: too many people were sure in majesty of Infernal forces and imagined them by the almost identical way. As the result some of them wished to got something in exchange of serving.
    Some deities used this situation and fully reskinned to devils exactly as they were imagined by prayers. They also united to defend their group interests and use resources more effectively. High organized small group always more powerful then throng of singles. Even if the basis of such organization is mostly law of sword instead of profit. Devils even developed the philosophy based on old principle Truth in power. Strongest survives.
    Satanism became fast spreading, like the cancer. More and more humans were dying in tortures at the altars.
    One of the invention of devils was the "trade contract on soul". The body and connection of "contractor" to Anima Mundi was modified to immediately conversion of his mana into modified form. It was possible only with those humans who were enough blurred with druj to be easy managed, but even in this case it was possible only on his free will as really this manipulation was executed by himself under will of devil. After death the soul of such modified person still could be used as mana generator till its full impersonating under the torture.
    Many of satanists required the magic power and ready for deeper modifications; devils modified such persons to be the something like live devices to transform their own mana and vital powers of killed humans and animals into modified mana.
    Part of this mana the devils left to own usage by such witches. It was especially terrible as these witches were still the part of Anima Mundi.
    These all causes the impetuous growth of druj and twisting of Anima Mundi. It brings to nightmares of Anima Mundi, and she has enough mana to unconsciously bring many of these nightmares into reality.
    Order of St.. George under control of Dominician order was seeking and destroying usual satanists, witches and vampires, fight against werewolves and unnamed results of Anima Mundi nightmares. Of course, they received some help from already died knights. But this help could not be sufficient as at that moment it was own war raged in the Astral: most of deities supposed that best way to stop Inferno is attack them in Astral. It was the second War of Gods. It rage was even more terrible: first war was basically the war of one high organized group against the crowd in which everybody is enemy to each other. This moment it was the war between two high organized groups. Demons tried to get more and more victims but work of Inquisition was enough effective. So Inferno have insufficient mana to continue the war.
    In Inferno central fortress demons tried to do something with Ashura Mazda Wall. The response was extreme powerful. Inferno fortress was fully destroyed with all demons. Astral energies raged, mana absorption leaped. All deities lost their last mana funds, Anima Mundi called asleep much deeper. No dreams, no nightmares, most of Anima Mundi creatures died or called into coma. Magic finally disappeared.

Early modern period and our days:
Establishing of Anima Mundi Priests Community.

    Around 1640 one French junior son of French nobleman found in his family library the part of archive of his ancestor, who was one of the knights of St. George order. Since his dead nobody tried to read this part of library as it was written with alphabet which looks like Arabian for the people who don't know it. But this young man was very interesting in alchemic and medicine and his family was enough rich to hire as his teacher the medical man with extremely wide erudition. As the result they found in Greek part of library the dictionary for this language. Also this family stored as precious relic the flat emerald table with admirable smooth and straight edges and records with same language on it. It was Tabula Rasa. So after years of investigations and trainings around 1665 it was successful created the Philosopher's stone and tested it.
    After the successful rejuvenation this group decided to establish community of alchemies and medic for further investigations. They call themselves the Anima Mundi Priests Society
    This Society never tried to take a power. Based on archives and history, they decided: never take a part in wars of men against the men as most of wars except defending is druj. Never take a part in a politics as it is impossible without increasing of druj. This society was established by alchemies and medics who was interesting only in investigations of our admirable world and they extending the Society only with the people like themselves. But of course big money and very long life brings some power anyway; basically it was used to charge some investigations to usual scientists or even to stimulate the development of whole industries which allows to create certain technologies despite of commercial discommoding.
    Of course they active used in their investigations all results all appropriate products of sciences and technologies in XX century too. But numerical modeling of some processes show unbelievable terrible thing: our world is very close to catastrophe. To verify these models in was used all influence of Society to build the Hadron Collider and carry out the series of experiments. It was done. And it was found that models are adequate to reality.     Time ago Ashura Mazda Wall was the last chance to defend newborn personality Anima Mundi of our word against invaded gods, daemons and astral ghosts. But now this system became the deadly threat to our world. Reason is simple: too many mana is absorbed. Every human is mana generator; mana is necessary for life of humans; humans were living under mana pump during hundreds of thousands generations. And every next generation humans became more and more powerful mana generators as mana pump becomes more and more powerful. Now the mana pump has incredible power and the milliards of humans generate incredible quantity of mana.

    This moment Anima Mundi could not save herself: She can not awake even to the stage of dreams as too many druj brings the wars in XX century and at the end of XX century the druj increasing was even jumped despite of absence of big wars. Too many people hardly blurred by druj and quantity of people who fill the Asha and follow it is definitely not enough to compensate this situation. Principles like "Honor, Duty, Dignity and Truth above the life" now seems too strange and fool even to "elites" of most countries. And the fish rots starting from head. So increasing of lie and madness is usual in most places of world. And moreover, the druj infection is effectively masked by speeches about good, rightness and freedom. And Society never have the power to change the ways of civilizations, and anyway it seems too late: Anima Mundi in fact is fallen to coma, so she can not correct situation with Ashura Mazda Wall. She can be cured by different traditional ways but all these ways are too long.

    Members of Anima Mundi Priests Society was in despair. They even thinking about provocation of some global Despite of it one way with good chances on success was found. But for this way it was necessary enough big number of well trained for travelling and battles in Astral warriors who blurred with druj as little as possible.
    And this is the problem: in our days it is very hard enough fast convince the necessary number of appropriate persons to use their time for special meditations and other strange things.
    But later one original idea occurred: it was remembered the Gold Rushes situation when the great number of people fast moving to new places and working extremely hard in hopes to great win. Of course its is very far from Asha ways; in fact the greed forced many people to killing for gold. So Situation of gold rush is the increasing of druj. But at the same time it was not the total war for gold. Friendship and dedication, tenacity and sense of purpose also were present.
    In XXI century technologies allow producing the Philosopher's stones and many useful artifacts in industrial scales. It is good replacing of gold. And spreading of such things allow to achieve several other goals too. So it was started building the training system as something like artificial California in Astral. Philosopher's stones and other rewards on quests should motivate people to train themselves enough active. It was also was developed some rules to reduce the druj.

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