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Several Unity3d
Early Prototypes and POCs

   Here is presented several of my early prototypes of different games.
  Please read carefully the description of " Strange cannon tower at Mars" - may be it will be interesting to you to charge me the game with something like this idea.

Strange cannon tower at Mars

This simple early prototype was developed just for fun during one weekend. Of course, I was using some of components developed by me for other projects... An of course I was dreamed that may be time later I will develop something like steampunk game... But now this is just the good sample of "POC (Proof Of Concept) " application. It contains simple "developers art", based on standard 3d primitives. It is very far from final art but allows to do some development without artists, concretize some details to artists and them replace 3d models when art will be finished.
Its list of features is very short:
  -   you can move camera (view point) around the tower with left mouse button pressed and change the distance between camera and tower with mouse wheel
  -   you can rotate your camera with right mouse pressed to look at different directions
  -   you can move the enemy with keyboard: arrows Up/Down/Left/Right to move enemy forward/backward/left/right, "W" and "X" to fly it Up and Down, "S" to move to some starting position
  -   You can make the shot with "space" button.
But this simple application internally has easy extensible architecture like "real" game automatic megacanon place of arms at Mars with towers close to this "aerial house". Tower contains the
  -   "radar" to detect enemies and their positions while enemies are still in visibility of radar;
  -   "engine" to rotate turret horizontally and "engine" to rotate turret upright
  -   "turret commander" to receive reports from "radar" and other "devices", take decisions and send orders to different "devices"
... and some other components to imitate the work of crew of this supercannon ...

    And this prototype validate several assumptions important to reduce the usage of processor:
  -   short show and hide the appropriate 3d model of fire near the muzzle looks enough good to imitate the shot fire with signalizes calculations then it is required for particle system.
  -   Fly of bullet really can be imitated with showing several times at different places enough long cylinder.

Very early POC prototype for 3d slots machine

  -   you can move camera (view point) around the reels with left mouse button pressed and change the distance between camera and reels with mouse wheel

It is very old POC prototype of slot machine application which I had developed beforeI have started 2d slot machine application. Really development of 3d slot machine is much simpler then slot machine with 2d reels.
But it is necessary to involve 3d designer and it seems that really 3d has no matter for users who likes to play with slot machines...
Of course I can be wrong so if somebody will hire me to develop 3d slot machine it could be done after some simplification of 2d version... Basically it will be related to replacing component of 2d reel (really it is tapes inside of 2d framework) with component of 3d reel, flat bars of front panels with 3d models and adding camera like in this prototype or like in "Strange cannon tower at Mars".